Make every breath worth breathing.


Nature-based air filtration
for your every breath

Instead of overlaying bad air with the smell of a rose or wine - we are working on a biological filter in which microorganisms are cultivated that can break down and decompose pollutants. Latest research has shown that various microorganisms such as those found at the roots of plants and trees, can be used to filter air and water. We integrate this biological filter into a statue-like structure, which is aesthetically overgrown by plants from the outside, but contains the filter on the inside. So you can easily improve the air quality in all the places you spend your precious time.


What the indoors filter offers

Three key benefits of our nature-based solution

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

Purify the air

Degradation of up to 98% of the target pollutants through the filter

Neutralize smell

Molecules that we notice as smell will be neutralized instead of overlayed

Be aesthetic

Throughout aesthetic and green design we bringt nature back indoors

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How does it work?

The integration of efficient filtration, pleasant greenery and aesthetic design

The real impact is generated inside the column: While we are used to the idea that greenery helps to clean the air, it is actually the bacteria in the soil that is mainly responsible for this freshness of a forest. Plants are aesthetic, but bacteria have the real impact on degradation of the bad particles. So by using them we are able to reach a much higher efficiency in cleaning the air.



We are proud to be supported by reliable partners and a great network

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Meet our team

We are C:aire. An international and diverse university spin-off combining knowledge in the fields of biology, architecture, and design as well as business development and innovation. Our story begins in Barcelona where extreme heat and dust from the streets in combination with the indoor air-conditioning dominate urban living. Here we met during the BUILD program for urban intelligent living design solutions funded by the EU to keep our future liveable. Not only are we extremely caring about our planet’s future, but we are also eager to change something to the better. That is why we fight indoor air pollution and related consequences on health and well-being with our natured-based air filtration to improve the life of all those who would like to breathe freely inside their four walls. On our path towards air purification we won several prizes in the Entrepreneurship Avenue 2020 and the StartupLive competition and we are looking forward to proceeding on our mission of ca(i)re.


Sophia Keyner

Head of Finance & Sales


Xhilda Kulla

Head of Design & Biofilter


Mélanie Bascon

Head of Marketing


Mario Sequeira Valadez

Head of Product

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Nihar Mehta

Head of Engineering


Ninon Dell'Acqua

Phd Candidate &
External Expert for Biology


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